Multigrip Snow Socks for Cars & Vans for R13 Tyre Size




  • Sold in Pairs
  • Multigrip snow socks make driving and braking, whilst driving on ice and snow precise and stable
  • Their fabrication enables you to drive comfortably for relatively long distances even on roads where snow and ice patches alternate with dry asphalt
  • They are reusable
  • Very easy to install and take approximately 2 minutes per wheel to be fitted thanks to specially placed polyurethane inserts
  • The sock has a special surface shaped textile used for the tread cover, both the special textile construction and the use of multi-filament thread provide an increase in traction between the wheel and the snowy or icy surface.



Weight 2 kg
Tyre Size

155/80 R13, 165/80 R13, 175/70 R13, 175/75 R13, 175/80 R13, 185/65 R13, 185/70 R13, 185/80 R13, 195/65 R13, 195/70 R13, 205/60 R13, 205/65 R13, 205/70 R13