Schumacher LITHIUMPRO 12/24v


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The lithium booster range are powerful and ultra-light boosters for professional use – The GIGALITHIUM and LITHIUMPRO boosters are suitable for difficult starting vehicles to start but can also be used to protect/remember the memory of vehicles. Thanks to the memory saver in the booster, the memory of the car such as codes and the clock remains present during a possible the battery change. The GIGALITHIUM booster 12V booster can handle all 12V motor sizes and with up to 25 starts on a charge, it’s the ideal booster for auto repair shops, auto transport, roadside assistance and the like in dire need of start-up assistance. The LITHIUMPRO 12V is even more powerfull ! GIGALITHIUM and LITHIUMPRO in 12/24V are the most powerful boosters in this range. Suited for cars, vans, or any other 12V vehicle. But also your first aid for all 24V vehicles like trucks etc.


  • Voltage: 12/24V
  • Cranking amps: 2000/1000A
  • Peak Ampage: 10000/5000A
  • Weight: 6kg


Weight 6 kg