Wreckmaster NEW STYLE Neon Green Skates Set of 4


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Wreckmaster NEW STYLE Neon Green Skates Set of 4. WreckMaster™ skates, “Slippery Jims”, dramatically reduce friction during the loading and unloading of vehicles with damaged or stuck wheels. The skates wedge between the wheels and the ground, minimizing friction. This translates to less stress on your winch, wire rope and other components. With skates in place, the disabled vehicle will slide easily into the loaded or unloaded position.


  • The New Style skate has a notch to accommodate vehicles without wheels.
  • Wreckmaster™ skates are constructed of a super tough polymer for greater durability.
  • Instructions included.
  • Vehicles glide easily and smoothly towards the pull using the interlocking plastic skates.
  • Great for loading or unloading a carrier or removing a car from a tight parking space—whether it has wheels or not.
  • Stronger: New chevron design adds strength.
  • Deeper wider recess: Now accommodates rotors and brake drums.
  • Improved climb onto deck: With the more aggressive bevelled edge.
  • Improved locking: With raised tab locks that prevent mushrooming wear.
  • Improved slide and product life: Thanks to 3 bottom rails that reduce surface contact.
  • Addition of slots: So wheels (or other items) can be strapped to the skate.
  • NOTE: This improved skate will not interlock with the original WreckMaster skate.


Weight 3.4 kg