Driveline Buddy Propshaft Recovery Aid


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Driveline Buddy is an easy to use, hassle free tool to secure the driveline (propshaft) of an HGV. Instead of needing to completely uninstall a driveline, the handy tool allows the recovery operator to easily and quickly secure the driveline when recovering a vehicle, reducing manual handling and making the recovery a faster process. The Driveline Buddy tool uses a suspender and cradle that is easily installed into the frame of the HGV being towed to cradle the propshaft during recovery. Let the rope ratchet take the weight of the shaft, unbolt and lower into the Driveline Buddy. Slide the shaft over, secure using the T-bar and recover.


  • Kit Includes:
  • Suspender Bar
  • Cradle
  • mounted adjustment spanner
  • T-bar
  • Rope ratchet


Weight 5 kg