Dynomec Locking Wheelnut Remover XL Kit


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The Dynomec Locking Wheelnut Remover XL Kit is a simple-to-use kit is capable of removing virtually all locknuts on the market to date, with no damage to the wheel due to the protective steel shroud. It’s so effective it has become the tool of choice for the AA and RAC. The tool does not rely on strength to work effectively, making it an ideal solution for anybody looking to remove locknuts without the key.


  • Impact driver
  • Centre punch
  • Adaptor
  • 6 types of blade
  • 1 X Blade A
  • 1 X Blade B
  • 5 X Blade C
  • 1 X Blade D
  • 1 X Jaguar blade
  • 1 X Range Rover blade
  • Club Hammer
  • PVC tape
  • Hand protection ring
  • Detailed instructions on tool usage and lock nut types are included
  • Spare blades available on request.


Weight 2 kg