Propulstation 1200CA 12v (DC Vehicle Docking Station)


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Developed for all professionals, Propulstation™ jump start packs include a unique docking station which allows an automatic and optimal recharge of the booster whilst on-board a recovery vehicle, or fixed onto a workshop wall. The cleverly designed docking station means that the battery booster can be easily stored, and recharge itself automatically. As a result, its battery will always deliver 100% power ensuring successful starting every time it is used in addition it will vastly improve the booster battery life.


  • Powerful jump packs designed to suit the needs of all types of recovery operations.
  • Robust docking station for on vehicle charging (DC), or an AC version suitable to be fixed on a workshop wall.
  • An LED system to indicate the voltage to select on the booster, limiting the risk of misuse whilst using a 12/24 booster. In the case of misuse any build up of gas will be evacuated. The LED also indicates if the booster is well connected to the station.
  • Powerful magnets to guide the booster into place in the docking station, ensures an optimal recharge of the booster and avoids movement whilst travelling in the vehicle.
  • Visible fuse without having to open the pack, with a spare fuse available on the side of the housing.
  • Charge indicator - so users can see the charge level.
  • Robust case comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Wide-opening, robust angled clamps with full insulation, and a light for easily operating at night.
  • Long flexible jump-leads.
  • Illuminated voltmeter to test the casualty vehicles alternator.
  • One way diode to avoid vehicle discharging the units battery.
  • Compatible with hybrid vehicles.
  • Correct use of a Propulstation™ booster pack cannot cause any damage to the electronics of a vehicle.
  • 2 year warranty.


Weight 16.8 kg