Rosenbauer Heros-Titan Professional Recovery Helmet

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The Rosenbauer HEROS-titan sets a new standard for maximum safety in head protection. The new generation of HEROS firefighting helmets combines maximum protection with ease and perfect fit. With a tradition of innovation, Rosenbauer has developed a helmet, which at approx. 1.3 kg offers maximum comfort. Harder than every operation, it withstands high mechanical loads and temperatures of more than 300 °C without problem. The new HEROS-titan from Rosenbauer is made to exist in all operations – and made to protect lives.


The new HEROS-titan is a type B/3b full protection helmet for indoor and outdoor firefighting. It fulfils all important standards and certifications for firefighting helmets worldwide:

  • EN 443:2008
  • EN 16471
  • EN 16473
  • ISO 16073:2011
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Electrical isolation


  • Optional powerful helmet lamp
  • Visor: optical class 1
  • Optimised damping insert
  • New helmet shell, minimal weight
  • Optimised centre of gravity
  • Improved rotary adjustment knob
  • Light materials – maximum wearing comfort. 1.3kg

Lead-time can be up to 10 weeks for some colours.

This item is made to order, please ensure correct configuration. Returns shall not be accepted and no refunds or credits will be provided for incorrect purchase on this item.

Addition Head Lamp available.

Rosenbauer Heros-Titan Integrated Helmet Torch


Weight 1.4 kg
Helmet Colour

Black, Blue, Chrome, Hi-Vis Red/Orange, Hi-Vis Yellow, Luminous, Red, Silver, White, Yellow

Visor Option

Clear, Gold-Plated Mirrored

Inner Eye Protection

Clear, Tinted

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