Vehicle Arrester 8.5M Breakaway Strap System “Lifeline” 12kn


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The recovery “Lifeline” breakaway winching safety strap is a backup safety device designed to stop the vehicle rolling away in the event of any loading failure for example: if the towing eye breaks out from its socket, a winch cable breaks or the winch itself fails when loading a casualty vehicle onto a flat bed. The specially designed webbing block is designed to reduce the shock load out of a casualty vehicle in the event of it being needed, in the event of a loading failure and the system has caught a vehicle it will need to be replaced, the long strap part of the system are replaceable separately if damaged due to wear & tear.


  • For use with vehicles up to 7500Kg GVW
  • Once deployed the entire strap must be replaced


Weight 2.5 kg