Vehicle Fire Blanket 6 x 8m


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Electric vehicle battery fires can produce very high temperatures if left unchecked. The vehicle fire blanket can help reduce and control the risk of a vehicle fire spreading to other nearby structures and vehicles by starving the fire of oxygen and thereby keeping the temperatures under control. It should be noted that EV battery fires are self-oxygenating so a fire blanket can only help control the fire, it may not fully extinguish it. Once deployed, should not be removed until trained fire fighting personnel have fully assessed the situation.


  • Size: 6 x 8 meters, thickness 0.45mm.
  • Material: E glass cloth coated with silicone. Can withstand direct temperatures up to 550 degrees C.
  • Suitable for electric, hybrid, petrol and diesel vehicles.
  • Reuse - the 8396 fire blanket should be considered a consumable product, however, if the blanket shows no signs of mechanical damage or heat degradation it may be reused.
  • Applications include use in carparks, ferries, breakdown situations, by emergency services and in motorsport etc.


Weight 29 kg