Collins Euro Spec Hi-Speed Heavy Duty Four Wheel Dolly 500X8 With Aluminium Cross Rails


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Now with European specification rated 500×8 tyres with inner tubes. The Collins Hi-Speed Self Jacking Dolly is designed as a prime mover of vehicles with aluminium hubs and aluminium cross rails for reduced carrying weight is the most serviceable dolly on the market. Differentiating it from other dolly designs, it has two main important safety systems: safety locks and safety ratchets that is able to take the full axle weight of the casualty vehicle (Maximum of 1950kg) should the spindle assembly suddenly release. While towing, the engaged safety ratchet will arrest the free motion of the dolly from dropping to the ground, by safely locking into the first gear, thereby averting a possible accident. Spare parts available on request.


  • RED are the Official Collins UK Distributor
  • Safest: Safety ratchets prevents accidents, allows mobility in tight spaces and better leverage snow, ice, gravel & slopes – safer options in difficult situations.
  • Most Advanced: State of the art engineering with aluminium hub and standard zinc plating for longest durability. The unit can also be easily serviced by the operator.
  • Dolly weight per side ( 24kgs)
  • Static Payload Capacity up to 1950kgs
  • Caution – moving forces increase load on dollies. Plan accordingly, use tie-down straps and drive safely
  • High tensile strength steel dolly body with capped end frames and reinforced rail pockets
  • Safety ratchet system
  • Safety lock
  • Zinc plated
  • Hardened machined shoulder bolts as pivot points
  • Machined lubrication channels
  • Aluminium hub with central-point lubrication for hub bearings
  • Dynamic ventilation system to keep hubs & wheels cooler and running longer
  • Aluminium cross rail, telescoping axle – industry’s longest: 2130mm when extended (ID), 1550mm collapsed (OD), 6 hole adjustment
  • Cross rail weight: 10kgs each (aluminium)
  • Zinc-plated, single piece cast rail ends
  • Square drop aluminium pry bar for secure handling
  • European spec rated 500x8 tyres fitted to zinc plated steel wheels


Weight 155 kg

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