Cougar 8450 Semi Synthetic Boom Grease NLGI Grade 0/1

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Cougar 8450 Semi Synthetic Boom Grease is a highly adhesive, water resistant, extreme pressure grease especially designed to provide superior lubrication to wear pads on mobile crane telescopic booms, and lattice cranes.
Cougar 8450 which incorporates a unique semi synthetic base oil formulation incorporates advanced technology additives to lubricate and protect sliding surfaces, reducing friction and wear, extending wear pad life and re-lubrication intervals.
Cougar 8450 is a truly versatile lubricant: other applications include open gears, tower hoist rack and pinions, crane turntables and external wire ropes.


  • Extreme Pressure- Reduces friction & wear, extends wear pad life.
  • Water Resistant- Seals out moisture and prevents rust and corrosion.
  • Highly Adhesive- extends re-lubrication intervals. Does not drip on windscreens and chassis when applied correctly.
  • Reduces Labour – Easy to apply with either brush or roller. Safer to apply even at extreme heights.
  • Reduces Juddering- Increases lubricity provides smoother surface contact between wear pads and boom section.


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Tube Case (36 x 370gm), Can Case (4 x 4kg), 16kg Pail, 50kg Drum