Cougar Series 8000 Protean WT-EP Medium Tack Greases

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The Cougar Series 8000 Protean WT-EP Greases, are extremely versatile medium tack greases based upon a technically advanced semi synthetic base oil containing extreme pressure, anti-wear, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion additives.
Cougar 8000 greases have been especially designed to withstand water wash-out, pound out and vibration in a wide range of automotive, industrial, plant and agriculture applications. Ideally suited for both manual and automatic lubrication of vehicle chassis.



  • Extend Component Life – Extreme pressure and anti-wear additives reduce friction and wear.
  • Extend Re-grease Intervals – Excellent mechanical stability, maintain consistency even under pound out and vibrating conditions.
  • Protects Metal – Rust and corrosion inhibitors protect expensive components.
  • Adhesive – Adheres to metal surfaces reducing friction and wear even under shock loading and vibration conditions.



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NLGI Grade

NLGI Class 0, NLGI Class 1, NLGI Class 2

Container Size

Tube Single 400gm, Tube Case (36 x 400gm), 16kg Pail, 50kg Drum