Cougar 8580 Open Gear Spray MPA




Cougar 8580 Open Gear Spray MPA is a heavy duty, non-soap thickened, fully synthetic lubricant containing a very high viscosity base oil, extreme pressure additives and anti-corrosion inhibitors, especially designed to provide high performance lubrication and protection to exposed gears.
CG8580 is a highly adhesive, highly water resistant non melting grease and is ideally suited for applications where water washout, high temperatures and heavy loads are encountered.
CG8580 Spray is a versatile lubricant whose many applications include, exposed gears, girth gears, wire ropes, rack and pinions, drag lines, cams, chains, slow moving heavily loaded plain and anti-friction bearings and outstanding performance on articulated vehicle fifth wheels.


  • Excellent Water Resistance – Provides outstanding protection to metal surfaces from water and other airborne contaminants.
  • Highly Adhesive – Adheres to metal surfaces, withstands pound out, stays in place. Reduces noise in large gear systems.
  • Superior Wear Protection – Advanced extreme pressure additives, provide exceptional high load carrying capability.
  • Rust and Corrosion Inhibited.
  • Thin Film Technology-Reduces dust and dirt contamination.
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range.


Weight N/A
Container Size

Aerosol 400ml Can, Aerosol Case (12 x 400ml Can)