Gojak GJ 5211 Self-Jacking Skates

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Gojak GJ 5211 self-jacking skates standard load limit 590kg or 2360kg with 4 units.

Faster and safer than floor jacks, Gojaks allow you to move vehicles easily within a tight space. Each Gojak has twin rollers which slide around the tyre and lift the wheel off the ground with just a few clicks of the pedal. The non-marking 360 degree casters let you reposition the car without damaging the floor of the car. Two Gojaks allow you to pivot any car on either axle. Four Gojaks give you trolley-style manoeuvrability, allowing you to move even the most damaged or disabled vehicles.


  • Load Rating: 590kg per skate
  • Tyre Width: 28cm
  • Wheel
  • Twin, rust resistant, plated steel rollers, self-lubricating
  • Weight per skate 14.5kg
  • Sold Per Pair (Left & Right)


Weight 32 kg
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Left-Hand, Right-Hand, Pair (Left & Right)