Gojak GJ 6313 Heavy Duty Self-Jacking Skates

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Gojak GJ 6313 self-jacking skates standard, load limit 705kg or 2820kg with 4 units. Faster and safer than floor jacks and dollies, Gojaks allow you to move vehicles easily within a tight space. Each Gojak has twin rollers which slide around the tyre and lift the wheel off the ground with just a few clicks of the pedal. The non-marking 360 degree casters let you re-position the car without damaging the floor of the car. Two Gojaks allow you to pivot any car on either axle. Four Gojaks give you trolley-style maneuverability, allowing you to move even the most damaged or disabled vehicles.


  • Load Rating: 705kg per skate
  • Tyre Width: 32cm
  • Wheel Sizes: 13" - 19"
  • Twin, rust-resistant, plated steel
  • Weight per skate 17.7kg
  • Sold Per Pair (Left & Right)


Weight 40 kg
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Left-Hand, Right-Hand, Pair (Left & Right)