Jump Lead Set 8m + Croc Clips, Battery Lugs & Connectors


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This starter cable set consists of 8 metres of 35mm cable with crocodile clips at one end and battery lugs the other with “Anderson” style quick connectors. The way the cables are fitted and used is simple, the battery lug end is run from the battery to the point on the vehicle that you would like to be able to connect your jump leads too. The cables are cut at this point and a connector is crimped on and fitted onto the vehicle. The other connector is then fitted to the other part of the leads and you now have a quick and easy to use set of starter cables without having to manually connect to the battery every time.


  • 8 Metres of 35mm cable
  • Crocodile clips at one end, battery lugs at other end
  • "Anderson" style quick connectors


Weight 8.2 kg