Lodar 9000 4 Function IP Replacement Transmitter


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Lodar was first produced in 1988 and is now the registered brand name for the ever increasing range of radio remote controls, now sold in most countries around the world through an established range of distributors. Over 90% of Lodar is manufactured in the UK guaranteeing the quality that is synonymous with the Lodar name. Lodar receivers can be mounted almost everywhere on the vehicle as there are no external aerials to worry about and extra wiring is unnecessary. They have powerful receivers that even accept signals under the chassis. The multi-function systems are just an extension of this design, with pairs of wires for each extra set of solenoids, the receiver also works with both 12 and 24v supplies. The transmitter has an internal aerial, with large buttons that are easy to locate as well as Reset and Stop button, a feature on all models. The Lodar 9200 has been designed to comply with all relevant safety and machinery standards. Lodar uses “watch-dog” circuits, which will automatically remove power from all the output stages in the event of a malfunction.


  • This unit can be self-programmed by following simple instructions provided


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