Recoverline EXTENSION Synthetic Protected Winchline 10mm X 20m Thimblet Loop to Safety Hook


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Recoverline Synthetic Protected EXTENSION Winchline 10mm X 20m Thimblet Loop to Safety Hook


  • Construction:
  • Material: UHMPE (Ultra High modulus polyethylene)
  • Construction Core: 12 Strand braided
  • Construction Cover: 16 plait braided
  • Coating: Armourcoatâ„¢ PU impregnation (contrasting colours core and cover)
  • Complete with safety hook
  • Properties:
  • High strength: Improved safety (approximately 16% stronger than steel wire in the same diameter)
  • Light weight: Easily handled
  • Low elongation: Low stored energy improves safety
  • Synthetic fibre: No wire splinters
  • UHMPE cover: Improved abrasion resistance compared to uncovered rope
  • 12 strand core: Spliceable
  • Armourcoated: Improves abrasion resistance and feel
  • Contrasting core colour: Easily identifiable retirement point
  • Excellent UV resistance: Durable and suitable for long term outdoor use
  • Excellent chemical resistance: Resistant to most common chemicals
  • Performance:
  • Mass: 57.5g/m (3.86lb/1,000ft)
  • Average Strength: 7510kg/16,522lb/73.7kN
  • Minimum Strength: 6,984kg/15,365lb/68.5kN


Weight 1 kg