Recoverline Synthetic Protected Winchline 10mm x 30m


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Recoverline Synthetic Ropes have a unique outer braid that provides protection from abrasion, UV and other sources of external damage. This outer braid is designed to provide excellent abrasion resistance and to protect the core. However if it becomes damaged then the contrasting colour core becomes visible resulting in a clear retirement point before any significant strength loss occurs.


  • Construction:
  • Material: UHMPE (Ultra High modulus polyethylene)
  • Construction Core: 12 Strand braided
  • Construction Cover: 16 plait braided
  • Coating: Armourcoatâ„¢ PU impregnation (contrasting colours core and cover)
  • Complete with safety hook
  • Properties:
  • High strength: Improved safety (approximately 16% stronger than steel wire in the same diameter)
  • Light weight: Easily handled
  • Low elongation: Low stored energy improves safety
  • Synthetic fibre: No wire splinters
  • UHMPE cover: Improved abrasion resistance compared to uncovered rope
  • 12 strand core: Spliceable
  • Armourcoated: Improves abrasion resistance and feel
  • Contrasting core colour: Easily identifiable retirement point
  • Excellent UV resistance: Durable and suitable for long term outdoor use
  • Excellent chemical resistance: Resistant to most common chemicals
  • Performance:
  • Average Breakload: 8,940kg/19,700lb/87.7kN
  • Minimum Breakload: 8,220kg/18,100lb/80.7kN


Weight 1 kg