Saber 24,500KG HDX SaberPro Bound Extra Long Soft Shackle (Wheel Sling)


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This is an industry first product, with applications for both commercial and recreational use. This HDX Long Anchor Point Soft Shackle is manufactured from SaberProTM (Saber Offroad’s proprietary fibre), and tightly wrapped in a true cut resistant binding, TechnoraTM. With a minimum breaking strain of 24,500kgs and closed length of 1.2M (open length over 2.4M), it’s sure to impress. This product has the versatility to be doubled over on itself to give a breaking strain of over 40,000kgs. Ideal for use as an anchor point through aluminium rims, this product is light, durable, yet with enough rigidity to enable it to be fed through tight spaces. The TechnoraTM binding protects most of the length of the core of the shackle from both abrasives and heat. No product on the market offers this level of protection or versatility. The shackle can also be looped through chassis rails, wheels, axles and more to offer alternative recovery anchor points at the front or rear of the vehicle.


  • 24,500KG breaking strength
  • Technora Cut Resistant Binding
  • Constructed from SaberPro®️ Fibre
  • Can be used in a wide range of applications
  • Tested in accordance with Australian requirements


Weight 0.5 kg