Safety Seal Tyre Repair Car Kit


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Safety Seal Car Kit tubeless tyre puncture repair kits contain only the highest quality materials and tools, manufactured in Europe and the USA. Safety Seal is the fast, safe and quick way of repairing a puncture in tubeless tyres. The repair plug is inserted through the puncture hole and vulcanises together with the tyre rubber, creating a complete seal allowing the tyre to be re-inflated. By completely removing the tyre and using the Liquid Patch in conjunction with the plug the repair to the tyre becomes permanent and identifies the tyre as having been repaired. The tyre repair kits are used by professional tyre repair shops and roadside operators throughout Europe, and have been developed from over 30 years’ experience in the tyre industry. The manufacture of Safety Seal plugs is made from a unique formula, the plug is composed of 21 custom-made filaments with extremely high tensile strength – soaked in a self-vulcanising, air-sealing butyl rubber compound corresponding to 300% of the filaments’ weight. Tyres repaired with Safety Seal have been tested by TÜV in Germany against standard ECE R30 for car tyres, at speeds over 300 km/h (186 mph), as well as ECE R54 for truck tyres – the same standards that new tyres are tested against.


  • Up To 60 Repairs Per Kit
  • 30 off 10cm plugs
  • 17cm External Tool
  • Probe
  • Lube
  • Knife


Weight 0.5 kg