Rupture Seal

The First Aid Kit for your Fuel Tank…….


The RuptureSeal™ Special Introductory Offer Price is designed to safely seal ruptures fast! This technology has been designed specifically to stop leaks in fuel tanks, chemical tanks and any tank that suffers an accidental rupture – containing the leak within the intended vessel.

The RuptureSeal™ is a handheld device that is inserted into the rupture and seals the leak in seconds, protecting the environment and saving your company money – preventing the loss, or contamination of valuable fuel or cargo. The RuptureSeal™ is an incredibly easy product to use, and can be deployed in seconds, taking on the shape of the rupture whether it is smooth or uneven.

The inventor of the RuptureSeal™ is a former Canadian Police Officer and volunteer Firefighter who responded to a tanker accident leaking diesel fuel, the police or fire department had nothing to stop the leak. The department of environment arrived 1.5 hours later plugged it with putty and a piece of plywood that was propped in place with a shovel! Fifteen years later he realized that leak sealing technology had not advanced since this accident. He invented the RuptureSeal to meet the specific needs of the haulage operators and first responders.

For full details, and a quotation please call the UK distributor for RuptureSeal™ RED on 01608 223200 or visit the website