Shipping To Southern Ireland After Brexit


Shipping To Southern Ireland After Brexit

Please ensure you are familiar with these terms before proceeding with your purchase.

For parcel recipients based in Republic of Ireland, VAT and Customs Duty will be applicable (depending on the value of the goods).

RED needs to collect the VAT and Duty prior to despatch of goods.

Customs Duty is calculated on a number of key factors like commodity code, value of the item and the cost of transportation on the parcel.

These charges must be paid up front before the goods can be released for delivery. The Customs Duty and VAT are not included in the sale price.

In order for goods to be cleared through Customs, we will require your EORI number for clearance.

In the event you do not have an EORI number you will also be charged VAT as well as Duty.

You will not have to pay Duty if the goods are worth less than £135 (excluding shipping cost).