44 Tonne Tow Pole 40mm to 40mm – Changeable End


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RED EURO TOW POLE 40mm to 40mm, 50mm or 57mm with interchangeable screw in eyes. Designed for use with specialist heavy recovery vehicles and includes a selection of interchangeable screw in eyes 40mm, 50mm (part #11909) and 57mm (part #11939) and with a fixed 40mm eye one end. This tow pole is supplied as standard with a 40mm screw in eye Optional screw in eyes 50mm & 57mm also available. The 57mm screw in Eye is compatible with draw bar couplings and makes attachment with draw bar trailer couplings and towing vehicles with a front tow jaw attachment very easy and quick to engage. Chassis manufacturers also supply coupling eyes and many of these, including MAN, have compatible eyes that will screw in to this tow pole.


  • Rating: 44 Tonne
  • End Eye Diameters: 40mm to 40mm, (50mm & 57mm are also available)
  • Weight: 47kg
  • Length: 2350mm to centres
  • Supplied in a red oxide primer finish
  • Interchangeable eyebolts - 40mm (supplied as standard) 50mm and 57mm diameters are available seperatley.
  • Made to order


Weight 150 kg