44 Tonne Tow Pole 40 to 50mm Eyes inc 40mm Reducer


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RED EURO TOW POLE 40mm to 40mm or 50mm with removeable boss. Designed for use with specialist heavy recovery vehicles with more frequent use requirements. Has a 40mm eye option incorporated into a removable boss. The boss can be quickly removed to provide a 50mm eye that may be required for engagement on couplings for some older vehicles. This model also includes larger diameter tubing in areas of maximum bending, to withstand more frequent use – providing a greater resistance to bending.


  • Rating: 44 Tonne
  • End Eye Diameters: 40mm to 40mm or 50mm
  • Weight: 47kg
  • Length: 2350mm to centres
  • Supplied in a red oxide primer finish
  • Made to order


Weight 150 kg